Friday, October 31, 2008


Day 54

Halloween. I've always loved this day. I still love this day. Right from the costumes to the the CANDY! Well, Japan is lacking in all of the above for me. I had had an opportunity to take the kids to Negishi base to trick or treat like last year - beautiful decorations....lots of kids dressed up....lots of homes to visit....and lots of yummy candy!!! But....I said "no" this year. I just couldn't bring myself to that level of temptation.....and my weakness - recess peanut butter cups! (I spent the summer in the US - bought them whenever and whereever I saw know, with the excuse that I can't usually get them in Japan - what a body disaster!) We would have gotten plenty of them at, I just stayed away (and now I owe my son, Deven, a trip to the base to pick whatever candies he wants!).

So, as I managed to be so healthy with Halloween candy, I feel as though I lost it with cigarette smoke today.....NO! not me, but those around me. I spent a few hours at Benny's with a friend visiting from Thailand - just enough time to make me sick of all the disgusting smoking around me - I actually left my hubby with the guys and came home - couldn't take it anymore. Wish I were back in Cali where smoking isn't allowed in bars! Oh well....better take a shower before I crawl into bed with the hair smells awful!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just not into it today

Day 53

I'm not sure what's happening, but suddenly I'm not feeling too many more changes in my body or in my clothes. Feels dissapointing......I thought this is when all the "big" changes would happen. I'm also not feeling like eating much of anything, although I am trying to get my meals down. I must be in some kind of rut with the food. Also, this is a tough week with the kids out of school.....kind of throws off my usual routine of waking up early and feeling rushed to get exercises done before they go off to school....or even before they come back at 3pm. I'm leaving it until evening and then feeling a bit exhausted from the day. OH, I just realized.....I'm also without car this week.....and today was a tough day with taxi trips all over town with the baby too.....I think I spent about $50 on taxi's today!!!! Looking forward to tomorrow and a new day......

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kung FU!

Day 52

Kung FU say what.....ha ha....this exercise seems impossible to me! Is this another one where we start off with a helper? I hope so. Still find it challenging to get to a bar on these pull-up/kung fu days.....don't worry, I'm finding an alternate exercise to work those muscles :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

beautiful weather!

Day 51

The weather is beautiful!.....I finished jumping in the early morning, the boys were at the YCAC tennis camp, I did my workout in the gym, the breezeway restaurant got me the multigrain bread to take home and they had the perfect morning snack......fruits and yogurt. I had a great morning with the boys. Just got out of the shower and now looking forward to the rest of the day. I think we'll take a walk down to Motomachi to do some shopping.

Indulgence two: cheeze pleeze!

Day 50

Yes! Another 10 days complete. Feeling good about being at this point in the program. Curious to see where the next 40 days will take me.

Back from Shimoda this evening....back to reality! was time for another indulgence! I was so excited....but I really didn''t want to think about it much....I knew exactly what I wanted....not sweet this time, but salty. It was a "Welsh Rabbit (or Rarebit)". It's a name my father picked up when he lived in London for a toast topped with a fresh tomato slices and shredded cheddar cheese, (I also added cilantro and red chillies) and then broiled until it melts (mostly, I was really craving the cheese). It was really yummy, but I don't want to think about the salt and fat I took in my system...also, I'm feeling a bit too full and so I'm still downing glasses of water to shake this bloated feeling....

My day in Shimoda

Day 49 that I'm in the midst of PCP, going away for the day is so much thinking and preparation....even more than the baby! I took along 12 boiled eggs - enough for the 2 days plus some for the kids/hubby. And loaded up the bag with lots of fruits and veggies....very different from the usual cookies and crackers. OH - finished the jumps in the a.m. - loved the change in jumps, but I do need to get a timer.....totally annoying to watch the oven clock while jumping!

Food went allright, except we stayed in a ryokan and dinner was a full fancy Japanese seafood spread. Good news....I don't really like Japanese food and seafood in particular, so not much of a temptation. Bad news....I didn't follow my PCP dinner diet (the boiled egg looked so sad in front of the beautiful presentation in front of me!). I didn't do too bad though, I ate some sashimi, some cooked fish and a bunch of veggies. Those were tasty!

My first time in an many rituals and processes to follow! Totally relaxing....but I had Jaiden (older boys with Daddy in the men's) with me so I couldn't relax to full potential - luckily they had a baby tub and some toys for him because the onsen water was too hot. There were 3 tubs....the ones outside were on a cliff and beautiful, but I couldn't go out there because the baby would be too cold. It was nice....but my first time and a bit odd being nude. In my mind I know I'm not "there yet" on PCP to be walking around in public without clothes (don't know if I'd ever be comfortable with that)....but hey, with a bunch of women I don't problem. It was nice, and definitely an experience.

No computer.....not much civilization....the countryside....the hubby and my sons....I was in heaven.

Out for a movie

Day 48

It's Saturday night hardest day of the week by far on PCP. It's the night I just want to to indulge! Went out with my hubby to see a movie - great option for not eating and drinking the night away (well, I did have a little bit of popcorn....couldn't resist the smell!). Loved hanging around World Porters.....I love watching the hip-chicks and hip-boyfriends all dressed up. Would love to imitate - just don't think it would be quite the same at my age:)

Friday, October 24, 2008

can you say Futamatagawa?!?!?

Day 47

So, my hubby and I went out to Futamatagawa today.....AKA the drivers license place. It' my 3rd time and my paperwork still isn't exactly what they are looking for. Can you believe it?!?!? That place is a paperwork nightmare and so frustrating. I was told to come back after TWO HOURS of waiting! I just wish the US has concessions like other countries....but "no"....we have to go through the entire process of testing. All this after we have our armed forces and military bases stationed here. And they really don't make it easy. I'm hoping for a quick return and hopefully the green light. This process is driving me to drink (no pun intended) but I wouldn't, ofcourse....not while on the PCP!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Learning so much!

Day 46

I usually get up at around 6:30 am when the baby stirs. Sometimes it's earlier, more like 6am. So the first thing I do is check my PCP e-mail. Mostly the day's thought is there, sometimes not and then I try to remember to get back to it later in the day. I'm really enjoying all the information Patrick is sending our way. I'm learning so much about how the body works, how exercising works, how food works, how eating works and most much work I need to keep doing to get my body to work the way I want it to. Thanks for all of this great information! I already find myself quoting this info to others. I'm thinking of printing all the e-mails out and putting them into my exercise/diet book......what a great memory of this project.

Oh yeah.....I'm also learning about cooking! Patrick....thanks for the tip on the baking soda in boiling the shells fell off just by touch....amazing!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halfway up this hill!

DAY 45!!!!!

Well....I had been waiting for this day. I love halfway know....until you remember you still have another half to go! I actually can't believe that it's already been 45 days. Seems like just yesterday we met Patrick in that cafe and had to make a quick decision based on very little information on whether we were "in" or "out". Glad to say I went with "in" (no peer pressure....just seemed like fun!) and I feel great right now. I don't know if there is other time in my life that I had thought about something every day....well, being pregnant the three times were probably the only other times but even then there were days you kind of forgot. No forgetting here.

I'm really amazed by myself and my fellow "Hama Mama's". I just think we have so much against us going through this and their meals and snacks.....hubby's who are mostly gone and when they are here they want to party (AKA drink and eat)....and the social scene here for us ex-pat wives (coffee mornings, lunch dates, girls nights outs, hanging at the club). So although I think we are swimming against the tide....thanks Corry for coaching.....I know we are feeling and looking better! Can't wait to see what the next 45 days will bring. We're just halfway up this hill.....

(ok, so I seriously thought there should have been an indulgence at this point....sort of a celebration....but with none, it feels a bit anticlimactic....PCP flaw?!?!? Just kidding Patrick, I'm sure you have your reasons :))

Hurting so good

Day 44

Maki - so much fun to go Costco shopping with you and Sarah was fun going through the foods, reading sugar and salt content....and chatting....thanks again!

Yes....this is definitely leg week....right now I can barely move! I knew I'd feel it more today, but yesterday's workout did me in. I did feel a bit better during the day and while doing todays leg work, but now I'm in so much pain! I can't even carry Jaiden up the stairs!! I guess I feel it everywhere - chest, back, and legs. As I's hurting so good. Glad to think I must be doing these exercises right! I also think that I feel this way a lot on Mondays, after the "break" of no exercises on Sundays (except jumprope, totally different from the rest of them) . Well, I'm going to take a couple of Motrin and try to get this body to relax. We'll talk tomorrow....ooooohhhhh.... it will be day 45....halfway there!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Peeling Eggs

Day 43

Does anyone have tips on how to peel boiled eggs? I ended up throwing away 4 eggs because by the time I was done with egg "white" left!! I've tried the salt - works sometimes, but mostly not. I need a fool-proof method. I am so tired of eating crunchy eggs! Especially when I'm having 4 a day. Tonight for dinner I just gave up and made a yummy 2 egg white omelete with cilantro and chillies...and then had to cut it in half to split between dinner and snack. I am happy with my food amounts. Still more than I'm used to eating, but manageable.

Seeing as it's "leg week" this week, I'm predicting that the babies toys are going to be all over the place....I can't imagine picking them everytime he empties his toy hurts to bend! You know, that "good hurt". Looking forward to the morning....when I'm really going to feel it. Good night!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I got jinxed!

Day 42

6 weeks....1 1/2!!

So guess what....I think I got jinxed!!! So until this morning, I have been jumproping before the day begins due to baby waking up early and having time before the older boys wake up. It's been really great for me and going well. Then we got the great e-mail from Patrick that said jumproping in the morning before eating anything is the best to burn fat.....perfect!! I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to be and it feels great.

But today I got jinxed. The baby slept late, I slept late....the baby slept in, I slept in. See where I'm going with this???? I had no time before leaving for the boys soccer game and now it's afternoon and I haven't jumproped yet. I can't stop thinking about I'm not really sure when to do it! I'm thinking it's going to be before bed so I can soak in the tub afterwards....And although sleeping in (until 8am, yes, that's sleeping in when you have a baby!) feels great, I do think jumping in the morning feels even greater. Will be up early again tomorrow and join the ladies after jumping :)

peanut butter lunch - oh no!

Day 41

Okay, so today I just ran out of time because I was so busy and rushed. I wasn't able to make my usual fancy PCP lunch and ended up in a situation left with no time and no cooked meat. So I went with a peanut butter sandwich- ofcourse it was organic, no added preservative. I didn't know if I should go with this or thought this the best alternative. Hope I didn't shock the system too much! And I can't believe all this happened after I talked about my lightheaded Friday evening at the club. Motto of this more prepared!

Friday, October 17, 2008

"Brown bagging" dinners

Day 40

Yes! Another milestone with that "0"!!! I love counting by 10's...we just hit 40 days! Unbelievable amount of days when you think of all that's constantly working against us in life to get to peak condition. Kids, hubby, social life, TIME, etc., etc.....

I do have to say that I realized I'm going to have to start "brown bagging" my dinners. I was up at the club today way past my usual and didn't have anything for dinner (I did eat my banana before leaving home - about 4 pm). Needless to say....yummy smells were all around. I got home at 9pm and although feeling a bit lightheaded, didn't feel at all like having the eggs (but did anyways!)...didn't feel like chopping an apple (but did anyways!), didn't feel like guzzling milk (but did anyways!). This is life for now.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lunching with PCP style...

Day 39

Thank you Jodi for such a nice lunch today! You were so kind to invite all of us over and also accommodate the diet. It's fun to weigh food with friends :) And so much great conversation. I'm so glad you are my neighbor now!

I am now waiting to my hubby to get back - he's been in the US for nearly 2 weeks...and should walk in the door in the next 30 minutes or so. I better go pick up around the house....or atleast make up the bed!.....yes, good wifey!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Found them!

Day 38

I woke up early this morning and did my jumps and started in on the exercises, but when I got to needing the resistance bands, I couldn't find them. I looked in my usual spot - a tea box on the shelf, but they weren't there. I looked all outdoor sports box, baby's toy box, under the sofa, in the laundry room, in the dogs crate....everywhere....but no luck. I thought the housekeeper must have put them away somewhere (she tidies up, but just ends up stuffing my cupboards/closets with everything). I thought about calling her....but it was just a bit too early. And I was getting frustrated looking.

So..... I moved on to abs and finished my workout, thinking I'd ask the boys when they came down. Well, I forgot, they went to school and I went about my day. This evening, I was sitting on the sofa and asked my son, Deven, if he knew where they were. No luck. And then....out of the corner of my eye...there they were.....hanging off the sliding door to the side of the house. I guess I never took them off after yesterday! Sometimes I seriously think I must be losing my mind!!! And there was a point in the day when the dog was hanging around that door - now I know why! I'm getting started now on the exercises I didn't finish this morning :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Totally forgot!

Day 37

I woke up this morning feeling lightheated and like I was going to throw up. I walked downstairs to get some food in my tummy and when I opened the fridge, I saw 2 boiled eggs sitting there. I turned around and saw an apple and banana in a plate, and carrots on the scale. And that's when it hit me....I totally forgot to eat dinner and my night snack!!!! I can't believe life can get so busy. I guess between the kids and the computer I was otherwise occupied. And I guess this means that my lunch and afternoon snack were so satisfying that I wasn't hungry at all! Feeling fine after yummy!

To vacation or not?

Day 36

It just didn't seem like Monday today....wish I had skipped (no pun intended :)) the parent-teacher conferences and gone to workout with Corry and Maki instead - so much more productive! I just don't find much value in those conferences. I guess it's because I keep close to the teachers all year around and so already know what goes on in the classroom. Oh well...I'm sure I'll be back again next year! Maki - thanks for mail delivery of my diet and exercises.

Ok, so I counted the hours the boys and I spent at the club this weekend....18 hours!! I think I deserve a medal....the boys had a great time fooling around.....and a lot of my time was spent chasing after Jaiden - he's so cute but such a handful! I wonder how many calories are burned per minute of chasing a 1 year old???? I do keep thinking that I want to get away with the family for a weekend or something, but on the other hand, feel nervous about doing so while on PCP. I'd be so challenged for meals (I'm wondering how long will I be on eggs/fruits for dinner?!?!). And exercises. I guess that's why I'm not too upset about not going away for the October break. I don't think this kind of exercising on vacation would be fun.

Ok, so I took a quick look at the exercises this week.....OMG....they are getting funky! Let's see how many of them I can actually do!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hubby "skyped" me today

Day 35

Well, we're 5 weeks into the PCP! Can't believe I've been exercising everyday for 35 days....have never done that before. Also being so careful with diet for such a long time. Today my hubby called on SKYPE with camera from my parents home in California. He said I was looking slimmer and he could see the difference the month + has made. Also he hasn't seen me in a week, so that matters. I'm just glad the camera seemed to be subtracting 10 pounds instead of adding it on like they say in Hollywood:)

Only one problem - was totally starving today at 7pm at the YCAC when family bingo went a little late. I didn't think we were going to stay the entire 2 hours, but the kids were having so much fun and winning too. So I came home, immediately ate my so-called "dinner". Last 2 eggs (just enough for dinner and night snack), last banana, last apple. Looking forward to new diets tomorrow (so curious about changes)....and shopping!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Question of a 9 year old

Day 34

Saturday night again. I didn't have to worry about what to do tonite since hubby is away in the US. Just spent much of the afternoon at the club chatting with friends and chasing the baby around everywhere. I just remembered the days of never being able to finish a conversation with anyone! I stopped off at a friends house, took the kids to McD's for a quick dinner (just for them!) and came home, locked the doors and put the metal blinds down - all safe and sound in our home for the night.

I'm feeling great these days. Healthier and lighter (well, the scale doesn't really reflect this...I'm so mad...hate that thing!). I'm anxious for the next month to pass....I think and hope my body will keep responding positively to the changes. My 9 year old, Rohan, actually spent time with me today, asking me questions about the details of the PCP an how it's going for me. He said he thought I looked good - so sweet! But then he also said "mom, if you don't get to your goal in 90 days, can you keep going?" That was a great question! I told him we'd see what happens at the end and then send Patrick an e-mail about a follow up plan :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Ready for a weekend

Day 33

Don't know what happened this morning....but I just couldn't jump very well. It seemed like I could only do about 50 jumps at a time and then my feet would just quit on me. I did manage to stop and start enough times to hit the 1350 (that's 27 times, if I literally did that) ....but it took a while and was a bit disheartening. I thought about why - I was so tired that I kept the boys in bed (yes, with hubby traveling, I seemed to have all 3 in bed with me this morning!) until 7:30, woke them up, hurried to get them ready and had them off to school by 8:15. Then I started jumping....I think my body has set a timer....jump before 7am or don't jump at all. Or, maybe it's just Friday and I'm ready for a weekend with no hurrying off in the morning?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tax Baby

Day 32

My 1 year old baby, Jaiden, sabatoged my dinner tonight. Actually, he gets into everyone's meals. We call him the "tax baby". No matter who you are or what you're eating, he wants a bite of it! You know, just like the tax man....getting a piece of each dollar you earn. We had coined this term for Deven (my now 7 year old) because he used to do the same thing when he was a baby. Well, Jaiden is now doing it....doesn't seem like a big deal, right? WRONG! When you're on the PCP and only have one boiled egg white, an apple and a banana on your plate, you savor each bite....but when the tax baby comes (oh, forgot to tell you...he LOVES boiled eggs, apples and bananas) he takes much more than you are willing to give....and you're left with just 1/2 of your minimal dinner! Lucky for him he's such a cutie!!! Oh yeah, and I put him to sleep before I had my night snack :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Missing my hubby

Day 31

I had a completely unproductive day today. In terms of PCP, all went well....worked out in the morning and carefully planned all meals and snacks. It was just everything else. I just couldn't get my mind into anything....didn't do any chores in the house (also didn't step foot out of the house!)...didn't work on any tea boxes...didn't read my book...didn't try and find out how the US Presidential debate went...didn't want to know about the Nikkei and financial world crisis stuff...didn't go to the bank (I have no cash with me!)...nothing. I just spent the day playing with the baby and the dog, talking to my mom on SKYPE with the video camera on the baby for a long, long time and spending way too much time on Facebook catching up with friends. I think I know why I'm so out of it....I'm missing my hubby! It's weird because I really don't see him much during the week....but he's in the US right now for the next 10 days and I just wish he was here. Oh well. Maybe I'll snap out of this tomorrow, grow up a bit and get something done.....or....maybe not :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Indulgence Ticket": USED!

Day 30

WOW....1/3 of the way through!!!....Has it really been a month since I got into the PCP without even really knowing what it was?!?!?!? And would I have said yes if I knew?!?!?!

Ok, so in celebration of hitting another 10 day milestone, I decided to make use of my "indulgence pass" from Patrick (well, I also was afraid my grace period would be over at some point and the indulgence "ticket" may expire!). SO...I headed down to Motomachi for some therapy shopping (not sure for what - just needed to spend some cash!)...and right into Starbucks and ordered my Tall Carmel Frappuccino without any guilt :). Their description: A decadent treat of buttery caramel combined with Starbucks® coffees and milk, blended with ice, topped with whipped cream and a swirl of caramel sauce. How could I not?

Okay, enough's the damage:

Serving Size 12 fl. oz.

Amt Per Serving

Calories 300

Fat Calories 100

Total Fat (g) 11

Saturated Fat (g) 7

Trans Fat (g) 0

Cholesterol (mg) 40

Sodium (mg) 190

Total Carbohydrates (g) 46

Fiber (g) 0

Sugars (g) 39

Protein (g) 4

Vitamin A 8%

Vitamin C 0%

Calcium 15%

Iron 0%

Caffeine (mg) 85

Did you see the amount of fat, sodium and sugar?!?!? OMG!

SO, yes, I satisfied my craving...but guess what? I felt it becoming a bit too sweet 2/3 of the way through and by the end of the glass, I had so much sugar in my system that I felt like I was going to puke.....I did have a question about that - if I did throw up....could I indulge in something else instead? :)) ha ha...just kidding!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Jump routine

Day 29

Great workout this morning. Sorry ladies that I've been showing up having already done my jumps. I just get up so early with the baby that if I'm just sitting around playing with him, I feel like I should be jumping. We have our routine.....after getting out of bed, we close all the bedroom doors....quickly check e-mails incase of news from over seas....check on the dog who has no intention of getting up goes in the playpen (or his "new thing" is watching TV, so sometimes I pop in a DVD and he sits on the sofa ) and I jump. Also, I feel that jumping in the morning is best for me - before I've eaten anything. And it feels great to eat after that. Today I jumped with no shoes on....except for a few bruised toes, I think it went very well. I was a bit surprised (disappointed maybe?) to see that we had the same number of jumps as yesterday....that's ok, I'm sure we'll get hit with something soon....actually we did today....all those leg exercises! Can't wait for tomorrow.....right now, I'm wishing I had a one story home :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Day 28

I woke up with a headache today. Hasn't gone away all day, so I've been kind of a nasty wife and mommy. I don't usually get them, so I'm not sure if it was the lack of sleep (only 6 hours last night - yikes!) or the lack of water yesterday (I try for my 8 glasses a day, but somehow I think I only managed a couple yesterday - not good!), or better yet, it must be a combination of both of those. Well, I am glad the day is are asleep, hubby is on a plane to US (miss him already), dog has been taken out and in his crate..... and now I'm going to go sit on the sofa, listen to the rain outside, eat my veggies and fruits and read my book for a while...and get into bed early so I'm well rested for day 29....

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday night at YCAC

Day 27

Tonight was not a usual Saturday night. Usually, our nanny comes in at 6:30 and my husband and I head out to check out something, somewhere, with someone, or by ourselves and talk, drink and have a good meal. WELL.....tonight was totally different.....since I'm on egg whites, fruits and milk (which is not usually served for dinner by any restaurant I know!), I cancelled our nanny and we headed to the YCAC for sports and kids dinner. Turned out great for the boys - the older ones fooled around with friends and then played soccer with Dad....while the baby just enjoyed all the interaction and attention he always gets. We came home and the two younger ones went straight to bed and my oldest is still up watching Arsenal FC (family favorite team) play. Jane was there at the club too....with her hubby and a similar situation with finding it a bit challenging to go out for dinner - Saturday night not as usual! Well, I just counted, and we have 9 more Saturday nights to!...I say we start planning the 10th!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Complaint

Day 26

Yes, I have a complaint :(

I am really loving the PCP program....especially the exercise routine because I can get it all done in the morning and be done for the day....and I don't have to go anywhere because it's all doable by myself in the privacy of my own home....except for the pull-ups!! I'm having a hard time finding the right table, bed, bar to get them done...and I don't like to do them out of the routine (when I'm done working out, I'm DONE!). And so on those days (like this morning) I just end up doing the pull-downs instead. I do feel like I'm working the right muscles, but I just feel like I should be doing pull-ups!!!! (which, by the way, I can't even properly do anyways...yet!:)) AARGH!

Resisting Temptation....

Day 25

What a day!!! Let me tell....

Phase I: I had a coffee morning at my home for my son's 4th grade class....12 moms....bringing yummy goodies along with the goodies I didn't phase me at all as I was trying to be the "hostest with the mostest" and just had a minute to nibble...grapes - perfect for my morning snack.

Phase II: Lunch at a friends house....we had been planning for so long to get together....and the stars finally aligned. I took note of my portions and made sure I got my diet satisfied....didn't go for more or less...just perfect! No dessert problem.

Phase III: Neighbors birthday bash....the invite was to come over for coffe, cake and other sweets....OMG....there was carrot cake, cheese cake, chocolate cake, stuffed pastry, quiche, cookies....and....not to mention wine! Everyone was trying everything...mmmmm...I looked at my watch - afternoon tea time - FRUIT!! But there was no fruit!!! So I had a diet coke, nibbled on a couple of nuts, and put just a morsel - just the corner or a piece - of fudge on my tongue to taste (I love her put it in perspective...on a normal day....I'd have eaten atleast 5 full pieces - or more!!) and spent the rest of the time proud of myself....until ofcourse I came home, read my e-mail and realized I could have had my indulgence....silly me....I may have to ask her tomorrow if there is more fudge....or maybe cheesecake....or else I may go for a walk down to Motomachi for a carmel frappaccino with whip cream....better check on the calories first!

So, that was my day....feeling so good about resisting temptation...but ofcourse......after being around food all day, I came home and didn't feel like cooking so made the entire family eat eggs and apples for dinner :)....oh....but I did let the boys have their jam sandwiches!!