Sunday, November 30, 2008

Countdown thoughts - #6 - consistency

Day 85

Monday morning workout......sorry about the baby being there this morning! Needless to say I wasn't ready for December....and therefore very amazed when the nanny didn't show up! I can't believe time went this fast since we began the PCP.

It's been really important to be consistent while on PCP.....what I mean is that you really need to do all the exercises every day to be effective...and I also think the same time of the day everyday is important too. I found that it was easiest for me to do them all in the morning so that I was done for the day. And the days I didn't do that, I felt out of sorts with myself and felt soooooo much guilt all day that I just kept thinking about it.

Winter....warm beds....dark mornings.....everybody had a hard time waking up early since winter began. This made it hard for me to get myself out of bed as well. I have to admit there were a couple of extremely lazy Saturday and Sunday's where I left the exercises for later and on rare occasion never got to them. It made it so much harder for the next day....and I could tell my energy levels were lower too. Not a good feeling.

Only 5 more days to go......

Countdown thoughts - #7 - eat snacks!!

Day 84

It's Sunday and another PCP coming to an end.  Looking forward to Monday morning workout.....wondering what the last week is going to be like!

In the past weeks I've learned that skipping meals is a no-no....healthy eating consists of 6 meals a day.  Really great concept....keeps the body happy and you're never starving for the next meal.  And having to have fruit snacks was great!!!!  Kept me away from the "usual" snacking that comes out of a bag!

The bad part of this is that if you're a busy mommy then you really have to plan....not only the baby's meals, but your own as well.  There were times when I forgot to have a snack ready and those were the days I just couldn't wait for the next meal.  What I really missed at these times was the ability to eat cheese.  Always easy and relatively nutritious for babies....too much fat for mommy's!  I can't believe I've had hardly (little cheating there....few bites every now and then) had any cheese for 12 weeks!!!!!!  And I LOVE cheese.....ahhhh....and the wine that goes with!!!  

Only 6 more days to go!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Countdown thoughts - #8 - cardio and strength

Day 83

I learned that it was important to combine diet and exercise to be in peak condition...and that within exercising, it was also important to combine cardio and strength and that one without the other won't be effective.

Finding time to exercise and hour a day was hard at times.....splitting up the exercises worked, but until they were all done it was always on my mind. Luckily I was able to wake up early most mornings and be done before the rest of the family "needed" me.

Only 7 more days to go....

Countdown thoughts - #9 - prescribed diets

Day 82

I really liked that we were changing our diets....weighing food was great to learn about amounts. Cutting out salt, sugar and fat was tough....but totally do-able and a fun (ha ha) challenge!

I didn't like that I wasn't able to go out to eat as much as I was used to....especially when my dinner meal was an egg white, apple, banana and glass of milk. It was a bit hard to do with 4 hungry boys to feed....dinners still had to be made, I just couldn't eat them!

Only 8 more days to go!

Countdown thoughts - #10 - group fun!

Day 81

We have 10 more days to go....that means 10 more blogs. I started off thinking I was going to hate this part, but it hasn't been too bad. I've tried to write something every day....I'm not very good with writing "whenever". So, as we go into the last 10 days, I'd like to list 10 positives and their 10 negatives (what I liked and what I didn't like) for me while going through the PCP.

I liked that we were going into this project as a group with great ladies and with a great mentor - Corry!!! It was also nice to meet Patrick and Chen in person....I know I couldn't have completed the project on my own.

I just didn't like that it was going to have to be blogged....and talked about so much in the community (well, that was at first, then I do think it faded). But I"m a very private person, so pictures/blogging/discussing is not my thing.

9 more days to go......

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gambate ladies!

Day 80

Well.....only 10 more days to go with PCP. I can't believe we're 80 days in! I'm hoping for my body to kick in and make big changes these next days.....I'm sticking to the plan....and I feel like the finish line is near! I'm only starting to feel a bit nervous because I don't think I'll be at my real target in the 10 days. I never expected to reach it in 90 days either, but I do know that I've come a long way and learned so much.....PCP is like a jumpstart for me. I've always been up and down with fitness....but right now I'm on a huge up and I just want to stay there for a while even past the 90 days to get to where I really want to be. But for now........

Gambate ladies!

Busy day....falling off track.....

Day 79

The handicraft sale was great!!!  Standing room only in the a.m......lots of sales and fun conversation.  And then my helper here to clean up everything and now it doesn't even look like I had hundreds of people in my home!

Only problem was that with the hundreds of people here in the morning, I forgot my morning snack and then my lunch was a bit sketchy.....also snuck in a small glass of wine....back on track by dinner and now I need to go jump....hope my legs don't give out since I've been standing all day long!

Maki.....cute haircut!!!  Your mom is do look like a schoolgirl now :)
Jane......thanks for your box purchase!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Can't believe it!

Day 78

First of all I want to apologize to the ladies....and Patrick...for not making it to Monday workout. No babysitter today. Maki - thanks so much for getting all the info to me. I really appreciate it!

So, I'm having a big Kokeshi Doll/Handicraft Sale at my home with a bunch of other ladies, and I suggested everyone bring one or two dishes to share with the guests and each other through out the day. I was racking my head on what to make, and decided to go with something I've come to appreciate......eggs!!!...I decided to make a tray of deviled eggs. I bought 4 trays of 10 eggs each just to be sure I had enough.'s what happened. The first 10 were a mess and I couldn't peel them at all even with the baking soda in the water. Trash. The second 10 were a mess and I couldn't peel them at all even with the salt in the water. Trash. The third 10 were a mess and I couldn't peel them at all even with the baking soda AND salt in the water. Trash. The fourth 10 I'm keeping for the kids and my meals tomorrow. Needless to say, I'm not making deviled eggs! I'm going with a spinach dip instead. I just can't believe that I've been working with eggs for the past 77 days and today was the day it all failed!!!! Oh well. Back to the drawing board tomorrow :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Asprin please!

Day 77

What a beautiful day today! Unfortunately I woke up with a headache (lack of sleep!) and then took a 3 hour nap when the baby napped....great except that I'm not good waking up after naps....feel so groggy and can never really snap out of it. I did spend the afternoon after the nap out on the street with the baby - he just loves the outdoors. Especially sidewalk chalk.....we were both covered by the end. The only problem is that my headache is still here.....going to take an asprin and will try to get to bed earlier to start a new week. Looking forward to kids in school tomorrow and hubby home.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Spicy indulgence

Day 76

My first indulgence was sweet and my second was salty. When I think back, I really had enjoyed them both and they were a nice break from the hard and fast rules of PCP. Well, today I went for my third and final indulgence.....a very spicy Thai meal and a cold beer! WOW.....what a great feeling to eat my favorite cuisine and enjoy all the dishes....whether they are loaded with sugar, fat or salt. I have to say that I really enjoyed the meal and actually don't feel sickened or bloated. Although there was an open ticket to eat (well, kind of, in respect to what we've been eating on PCP)....I didn't over-indulge. I took just a good amount to satisfy my tastebuds and get a warm feeling all over my body. The beer was yummy....Singha from Thailand. I drank it slow and enjoyed it.....I usually get it when I'm eating spicy makes it all seem even spicier! I have to say, this was the best indulgence for me.....and I now feel I can go into the next 15 days with satisfaction :)

Oh....we also bar-hopped and I didn't drink anything but water....yes, I was designated driver for the night and had lots of fun driving (legally!) three drunk adults home from Yokosuka....yes, I'm exhausted and thinking I'm only going to have 5 hours of sleep.....GOODNIGHT!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Day 75

OOOOHHHHH.....our next indulgence and I'm also assuming our last.....1000 calories of mind is working on a plan....will let you know how it goes!


Day 74

Well.....I made my last trip to Futamatagawa today....and came back home with my driver's license! FINALLY!!

The afternoon started at 12 noon when I left from home and ended at 5:30 when I got back home. The process was slow....a lot of waiting between steps. At about 3pm, they told us whether we passed or failed and those of us who passed (only 2 out of 5) had to come back at 4pm to finish paperwork. I thought we'd just sit there and wait, but my hubby suggested we go back to the car and wait there. In the car, he took off his shoes, put the seat all the way down and got set up for a nap. He told me to do the same. I tried, but just couldn't get to a point of real relaxation. He was snoring away (not really, but he was definitely asleep) and I was still trying to relax my mind and my body. The driver's test was done, but I just couldn't get over thinking about the kids, the house, the evening, the weekend, next week, etc.. I'm not very good at just napping whereever. On the other hand, my hubby has no problem with it. I am very aware of who is around me too. Sitting in the car in a parking lot is not comfortable for me! But I'm very envious of those who can get to a point of relaxation so cars, waiting rooms, on the sofa with kids in the room. My dad is like that too. Oh, I it actually a "guy" thing?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Great gimmick!

Day 73

I went to IKEA today.....what a crowd there! Everyone was lining up to buy these "itty bitty" XMAS trees for 1990 yen. It was the first day they were available. I couldn't believe the rush....but then I ran into a Japanese friend, Yuko, and she explained that if you buy the tree....and then bring it back after Chirstmas, IKEA will give you 1990 yen in store credit. WOW....what a gimmick to get people in today and then back again in the new year! It's no wonder that IKEA is doing so well and opening up stores left and right! I mean, hey, we spent a few hours well as a couple of 10000 notes each....but....NO....I didn't buy the tree just to have to bring it back to get a store voucher!!!!!

BTW.....Maki....tried to call you from there....I got the apple slicer for you....hope you still wanted it......

Done jumping while the kids were eating I better go finish up.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Retiring my clothes!

Day 72

Retired another pair of jeans today......fells great and sad! Great because I know my body is changing in the right directions....but sad because I'm starting to lose my favorites!!! I probably own about 15 pairs of jeans....YES...I LOVE my jeans!!!....and have already put 5 aside. Don't think I'll donate them off just yet....not that I want to fit into them again! It's just that I do "pack rat" a bit. (which means I have some jeans from before the baby that I can now fit into!!! Exciting!!!) But actually more than the jeans, I am also losing shirts and tops....only bummed to lose the ones I just bought this summer. All that money.....what a waste! Wish I knew I was going to be PCP'ing while I was in the US! more's all GOOD!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I thought I'd be happier....

Day 71

New diets today....I'm back to regular food for dinner with the carbs/meat/veg/egg white combo. I really thought I'd be happier about it, but I noticed that it takes a lot more thinking and cooking when you have to make that meal.....very different from the egg/apple/banana/milk. I have to admit I'm feeling a bit sick right now from eating dinner. I think that an ideal for me would be eating the egg/apple/banana/milk combo most nights and then the carb/meat/veg/egg white only on nights when I crave it....Patick, any thougts from you or Chen on that????

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Only 20 more days to go.....

Day 70

I can't believe there are only 20 more days to go.....I celebrated the last 70 days by sleeping in this's almost 8:30 am and I just woke up (gave the baby a bottle of milk at 6am while in bed.....kept him snoozing for a while more).

I'm going to go give the kids breakfast, do my jumps and then enjoy the rainy day with the family. No more computer for me today. BYE!

Animals exercising before bed?!?!

Day 69

I was at the club library reading a Sara Boynton book to was about getting ready for bed.  You know, change into PJ's, brush your teeth....and exercise!  I couldn't believe had pics of the animals exercising before bed....I have never seen that in a children's book before.  It looked so familiar to life on PCP.  Ofcourse my eye went straight to the elephant jumping rope:).  Her books are always really cute!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Harajuku girls....gotta love 'em

Day 68

I went into Tokyo for a hair appointment Harajuku.  I love getting out of Yokohama and into Tokyo....(I'm definitely a city girl at heart and miss big city life)....and there's no where like Harajuku.  Makes me think of being back in California and listening to the songs about the Harajuku girls (especially the one by Gwen Stefani) ....well, now I can actually witness the fun!  I love their uniqueness and funkiness!  
So I went for a haircut at Watanabe Hair going there and getting pampered.  The head massage alone was amazing....we don't get those back in the US for just a haircut!  And I love talking to Aki (owner/3rd generation hair stylist) and hearing all about his life while he snips away.  A friend was with me and we had lunch at Fujimama's on Omotesando.....I was very careful - went for the Fuji Sushi Roll (I can't remember the exact name).....I think it was mostly ok, except for maybe the salt content.   Will have to flush out with water, water and more water!

Glad to have a weekend....looking forward to family time :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Green bagel and egg

Day 67

I know it's supposed to be "green eggs and ham" but the plural of eggs is all wrong and ham is a I had a very yummy 1/2 green bagel for breakfast with my egg....why was it green?  SPINACH!  (counted this as carbs....not veggies!) I don't usually grocery shop too much as Union, but whenever I'm down at Motomachi, I do stop in to see what's new.  And this week I found spinach bagels.  Always exciting to find something "like home" in Japan.

On another note, I've been really busy trying to get back on track after being sick for a few days.  Harder than I thought.....I think that after working out as I have been for the first 63 days, and then not being able to be at full potential for 3 days, it seemed much harder to get back to it today.  But glad to say I made it through all the exercises.....but OMG...those shoulder exercises were sooooo tough.....I can't believe it...... 5 sets !?!?!?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In my jeans

Day 66

I'm feeling much better today....back to life and PCP. I feel so guilty about letting the last two days go, but I guess that's life. I jumped this morning (not as many as usual, but I was still a bit low on energy) and did what I could of the exercises just now (it's 10:40pm). I felt really silly doing them today because I was still in my "street clothes" which I wore today. I didn't want to go get my workout clothes on because the baby is sleeping in my room and I didn't want to take a chance and wake him up (yesterday was a nightmare with him up and awake at 11pm!). So, yes, I did the unimaginable and worked out in a pair of jeans! I seriously can't stand it when people do that at the gym. Or I should say....atleast it's something I would never be caught doing. I did make sure my windows were all closed so no one saw me.....believe pre-PCP life, I would have just skipped the exercises....but not anymore!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Up late with the baby

Day 65

Still not feeling too well. Couldn't keep much food down today. Did some jumps, couldn't get to anything else due to lack of energy. I took a day time nap today - something I rarely do. The baby might be getting it from me - he's being cranky, it's 11pm and he's still up. I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Monday morning and the flu

Day 64

Monday morning....always hard to get going after the weekend. I had a hard time getting the boys up and out of bed....I slept in until 7:30 today....seems I have the flu. I've had a sore throat all weekend, and was chilly last night....I guess all leading up to this morning where I have a fever and my body aches (not from exercises, unfortunately). Took some tylenol and drank some tea.

I missed our Monday morning workout...sorry ladies...and I had planned to nap while Jaiden napped, but then looked at the long list of stuff I have to get done and decided to use my time wisely since I'm at home in my sweats (which are now pretty loose on me!). I'm planning on getting the workout done at some point...missed the jumps yesterday for the first time...what a guilty feeling! I will take it easy though....instructions from my mom....and mommy always knows best! I didn't really believe that until I became "mommy". But it's true!

Winter weather - cold dinner!

Day 63

Well, it's really becoming cold outside! I'm from California, so, yes, to me it is getting wintery. I do love wearing the sweaters and boots, but I don't like the process of getting little ones dressed in all the layers - I think they kind of hate it. Oh well, we had a great day watching Rohan play in BFAT's Interliga in Tokyo. Saw Tokyo International School for the first time. Going out there makes me feel like we could have lived in Tokyo....but then I wouldn't be PCP'ing!!

Floor heats on, got my "toe socks" on, cuddled in a blanket.....guess what's wrong with this picture???? I'm eating cold egg white, cold apple and drinking a glass of cold milk. I've gotta find a way to warm up my dinners for the winter! I don't have the luxury to boil my eggs just before I eat them, I don't like warm milk and I'm not sure how to warm apple! Maybe I'll stick the entire thing in the microwave tomorrow (although I hate using the microwave)....or I'll just deal with it. No pain, no gain.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Arsenal 2 - Man U. 1 .... yeah!

Day 62

Just finished watching the Arsenal - Manchester United game with my hubby and 9 year old....we are strong supporters of Arsenal and they won 2-1! The boys are happy :)

Unfortunately Jaiden woke up an hour ago....he was in our bed and he just kept coughing and then started throwing up. Luckily I saved the bed sheets...but he got me good. So gross!!! My hubby and I were out earlier this evening visiting a friend who opened up a new bar, and sometimes I think our nanny feeds him way too much. Oh well.....he's feeling great now, but still up and it's midnight. I better get him into bed because he's starting to bang on the drum set and I don't want to wake up the neighborhood!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Non-stop day

Day 61

I had a really long day today! Woke up early at 6:30am, worked out, fed the kids, left home at 8am and got them to school. Paid Deven's canteen account and walked over to a friends house in Chinatown. We took the train to Ochanomizu to buy washii paper for the tea boxes. Forgot to bring a morning snack. Took a cab to Asakusabashi to buy more paper. Got on the train to head for lunch, but decided to stop in Kamata to check out yet another washii shop to buy even more paper. Took a taxi to Kawasaki (didn't know it until I got home, but left my cell phone in the taxi....he YCAC helped me talk to the cabby and he will mail it to me...only in Japan! the US, it would have been charged up by now, never to be seen again by me!) and had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen (Asian salad....mostly ok for PCP....just a bit of peanut dressing). Shopped at GAP (bought a couple of sweater-shawl things for myself...couldn't decide on black or brown, so bought them both!) and then got back on the train to go home. Got off at Ishikawacho (couldn't find my train ticket.....ooops....the train guy made me pay another 130 yen and I was let out) and walked up the hill, arriving home at 4pm. Fed the kids snacks (had my already-cut-up grapefruit and a small glass of milk) and got back in the car to go to YCAC for soccer. Spent from 5pm until 7:30pm walking around after Jaiden....he's so active! Ordered Jaiden's dinner, ordered Deven's dinner and chatted with friends. Sent Deven off to a sleepover, came home at 8pm, gave Rohan dinner, fed Romeo (our dog), gave Jaiden a bottle and went to put him to bed. Fell asleep on the bed with him and woke up at 9:30pm (!). Came downstairs, gave hubby dinner, did the dishes and finally ate my dinner. Just came back up at 10pm to check e-mails and write my blog......what a busy day! I'm exhausted and in need of lots of sleep......zzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Day 60

Well, we've reached the 2/3rds mark.....60 days of PCP completed! Sometimes it feels as though we just started yesterday and sometimes it feels like we've been doing this forever.....either way I'm glad to see the changes in my body and mind...waiting anxiously to see where the next 30 days take me. I'm going to push really hard this next month - I want to make it count big time!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

paperwork & written test: PASS

Day 59

Feeling great today.....spent another 4 hours at Futamatagawa (Japanese DMV) and came out smiling.....finally passed the paperwork nightmare.....and then also passed the written test!!! Needless to say, I'm not totally celebrating until I've passed the driving test....I've heard horror stories.....

Not expecting to spend so much time there, I didn't pack myself an afternoon snack.  I ended up sharing part of Jaiden's banana and some of his raisins.  (he had so much fun there....everyone was so friendly to him and he just kept smiling at all the ladies!).  Not a big deal I hope, as the rest of the day has been right on track.  I'm done with the sugar craving for now....feel like I OD'd a bit yesterday with the marshmellows and also ended up having a handful of m'n'm's before I went to sleep.  Definitely going to be more careful going forward.....tomorrow is Day 60!!!  Will be trekking to Costco in the a.m......let's see what I'll come home with!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Marshmellows and Coke ZERO......

Day 58

I was out at Machida market today.  Fun time chatting with the ladies and checking out the junk. Bought some of man's junk is another man's treasure....or something like that.  I already don't like an item I bought today....oh well....maybe I'll try and sell it off at the next rummage sale!

I cheated a bit today.  Bought marshmellows for the kids.....with the intent on making rice krispies treats, but when I got home, the boys opened them up just to eat and I ate a few (4 to be exact).  Don't know what got into me.  Feeling really guilty now.  I just needed to have some sugar.  I heard today that the Coke Zero (the black labeled one) supposedly has stuff in it to make people crave sugar.  I had some after lunch.  Could that be the culprit of my craving for the marshmellows?  I need to do some research on that.  I'm still bummed that Coke Light is so darn hard to find here.  Maybe I'll go to OK market and have them order me a case (it's the only place I see it sometimes) - not that I'm drinking a lot, it's just not always on the shelves.  You know, hunting and's how we shop in Japan!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Milk from a baby's bottle

Day 57

I've always liked drinking milk. My kids really like it too.....hoping for all of us to have strong bones! On the PCP, many of my meals and snacks call for milk or yogurt, and I mostly go for milk just because it's easier and quicker. And will all the different ml levels and the 4 times of the day I'm supposed to drink, I find it quickest and easiest to measure the amount into the baby's bottles....and we have plenty of little ones just perfect to get the amounts I need. So although I'm getting ready to weane him from the bottle, looks like I'm back on for now! (Oh, one big difference....I'm not putting the nipple on....I'm just pouring in and drinking directly from the bottle....haven't reverted back to that extent :)).

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Jumping machine

Day 56

I amazed myself this morning. I started off jumping, and actually did 385 jumps before tripping, the baby coming in, having to use the restroom, having my ponytail tangle in the rope or banging into the door. That is my best ever!!!! I'm not sure what happened....but I couldn't repeat it again, (I was going for more...and I did get close). I didn't look at the time either, I was just so excited that I kept on going and when I did trip, I looked at the counter....and WOW! This is going to have to be my 8 week that I'm a jumping machine :)

The street

Day 55

We had a great relaxing Saturday (I worked out at 6am, so my "to-do" for the day was done early). Didn't even leave the hill. Infact, most of it was spent on our street. We are fortunate to live on a dead-ended street, so the boys can play with not many cars. The older boys played soccer, skateboarded and hung around. Jaiden was mobbed by all the little girls and they followed him around, sang songs with him and brought out the sidewalk chalk. Our dog, Romeo, met other doggies on the street and enjoyed running around all the kids. The weather was perfect! We ordered pizza for the boys...and....yes, I had my PCP egg/apple/milk dinner. Looking forward to another relaxing day tomorrow before the kids go back to school on Monday....