Sunday, November 30, 2008

Countdown thoughts - #7 - eat snacks!!

Day 84

It's Sunday and another PCP coming to an end.  Looking forward to Monday morning workout.....wondering what the last week is going to be like!

In the past weeks I've learned that skipping meals is a no-no....healthy eating consists of 6 meals a day.  Really great concept....keeps the body happy and you're never starving for the next meal.  And having to have fruit snacks was great!!!!  Kept me away from the "usual" snacking that comes out of a bag!

The bad part of this is that if you're a busy mommy then you really have to plan....not only the baby's meals, but your own as well.  There were times when I forgot to have a snack ready and those were the days I just couldn't wait for the next meal.  What I really missed at these times was the ability to eat cheese.  Always easy and relatively nutritious for babies....too much fat for mommy's!  I can't believe I've had hardly (little cheating there....few bites every now and then) had any cheese for 12 weeks!!!!!!  And I LOVE cheese.....ahhhh....and the wine that goes with!!!  

Only 6 more days to go!!

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