Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Countdown thoughts - #5 - eggs, your best friend

Day 86

I should have counted the number of egg whites I've eaten while on PCP!!  Yes, it's true that eggs whites are really important for getting into peak condition.  At one point of the program, I was up to 4 eggs a day.  Lucky for me I really liked eggs going into the program!  And I'm glad I still like them coming out of it......

The frustrating part about eggs for me was not not finding them, eating them or liking them.....it was just such a pain to peel them!!!  I got into boiling about a dozen eggs every few days, and just cringed when it came to peeling.  Luckily I had some good days which made up for the bad, and I did come to the conclusion that Costco eggs always went better for me. 

OH....and I am looking forward to my next splurge.....my favorite preparation of eggs.....eggs benedict....preferably served to me in a 5 star hotel while sitting in bed wearing a plush robe and watching a good movie :) 

Only 4 more days to go.....

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