Thursday, December 4, 2008

Countdown thoughts - #4 - jump, jump, jump

Day 87

Ok....before I talk about jumping, let me tell you about shoulder was a killer!  We had 4 different exercises with 5 sets each....haven't we been doing these for 3 months? shouldn't they be easy by now?  I guess not - just happy to make it through them  (well, kind of - had to leave off the last exercise - major failure :)

And this leads into my next thought....about jumping.  I never thought that jump ropes were for adults!  I remember sometime in elementary school when we did "jump rope for heart" and we got pledges for the amount of jumps we completed.  I can't remember how many I did, but I sure know it wasn't anywhere near the average 2000 I do these days!  And to think we started with just 250 a day.  I have come to like it, and honestly a day without jumping in the morning changes's been very effective in getting me into shape and a great cardio that I can do in my home at any time.  Love it! 

Oh yeah, do you remember the song "Jump" by Van much fun in the bus during elementary school field trips....although I know he didn't mean with a rope :)

The only part that was hard for me was jumping at night if I didn't get to in the morning.  So, lesson learned....wake up early to jump (sounds easier than it is since I'm defnitely NOT a morning person!).

Only 3 more days to go!

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