Thursday, December 4, 2008

Countdown thoughts - #3 - INDULGENCE TIME!

Day 88

Today was so lost with Jodi trying to drive to Kawasaki....and then not so kids didn't get the message they were supposed to go home with Jodi's son and I didn't know where they were for a while.  Luckily it all worked out and we're all safe and sound.  My hubby has been staying in Tokyo this week for a conference and was supposed to come home tomorrow...well, he surprised us and came home tonight.  I love when that happens.

So, no, it's not indulgence time - YET - but I wanted to talk about how important I thought those days were for the program.  We were given the green light at 25, 50 and 75 days.  I tried to vary my indulgences.  First a sweet one, then a fatty one and last a salty one.  With each one, I felt rewarded for my efforts and it helped me to go on.  It was hard picking, and although I picked a certain item each time, I noticed that the salty was definitely most satisfying for me (it was also super spicy, and I love that).  The fatty was alright, but made me feel really guilty.  The sweet just made me feel sick.  Great to know how my peak condition body really reacts to different indulgences!

The only negative about indulging was picking my item to indulge in!  I always wanted to pick the perfect thing.  Not such a bad problem....and with each indulgence, I got quicker at picking...probably because I was so in need of one.  Can't wait for my first post-PCP indulgence - 90 days in.....I know I deserve it!

Only 2 more days to go.....

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Jodi said...

That was the most fun I have had being lost in a long time and I get lost a lot. Thanks.